"Bye Bye Butts!"             !! PROJECT ENDED !! Thanks everyone!!


The world's first cigarette butt redemption and recycling program. It's true!

RippleLife's grassroots project offers the first ever Butt Redemption Value (BRV) to incentivize the collection of cigarette butts similar to how bottles, cans, and other recyclables are. It's a chance for outdoor lovers to get their hands dirty with us to clean up our big blue playground, stop the damage cigarette butts inflict upon our eco-systems, and give these plastic filters a better second life.

Our project goals are to realize a cleaner and safer outdoors, reduce landfill waste, and repurpose these plastic filters TODAY... not when cities, states, federal government, and Tobacco companies finally figure out a solution to this ugly problem. Since an outright global ban of cigarette filters is highly unlikely, our 'education and prevention -partners- with collection and repurposing' approach is a crazy yet brilliant idea. The overwhelming feedback? "This is the next evolutionary step... great job!"

RippleLife's BRV is currently USD $3.00 per pound and becomes a donation to one of 20 approved outdoor Causes or a cash payment to the recycler.







Past Events

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Help us fund this program by buying butts or volunteering!


Cigarette butt litter is one of our biggest environmental pet-peeves and we know we're not alone! For those who share our disgust for this disrespectful assault on the environment, this is your chance to become one of the do-gooders that help us eliminate cigarette butts from our beaches, streets, parks, and other cherished open spaces!

Just select the number of butts you'd like to sponsor being removed from the places we all love and share! Recyclers and volunteers then scour the outdoors in search of littered cigarette butts and bring them to one our collection events. Butts are weighed and the BRV proceeds are either donated to outdoor causes like Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Conservancy, and Leave No Trace to name a few, or given as a cash payment.

It's 100% tax-deductible giving that really cleans up our environment and has the potential to end up in the bank accounts of a handful of our planet's most active caretakers!



  Who can redeem cash/recycle their cigarette butts?

During one of our collection events, anyone can present cigarette butts to us. Whether you're a smoker wishing to turn your butts into cash, an individual who gets out and cleans up your favorite places, or a business who doesn't want to just trash the cigarette butts your patrons and passerbys leave behind... we'll accept them! Keep in mind, it's a first come first served collection event (see what condition the butts must be in below). We'll post here on our website AND at our redemption table just how many pounds of butts we can afford to buy on that day.


  What does RippleLife do with the cigarette butts?

We make sure they don't see the light of day at a landfill. Our goal is to repurpose the butts we collect into other useful projects.... after all, they're plastic!


  What condition should my butts be in for RippleLife to accept them?

Our redemption and recycling project is for DRY cigarette butts only (a.k.a. filters), NOT dirt and debris such as wrappers, gum, cigarette packaging, etc. It's ok if there is still part of the actual cigarette/tobacco attached.


  Where can I bring my butts?

San Diego, California is our first stop! Not just because it's our favorite city but this is where RippleLife is based. Our next collection event is scheduled for [Pending] HERE (on the beach 12-3pm). This isn't my city, what do I do? Just start saving your butts for when we arrive in your city OR arrange a means to get your butts to us.


  Where do funds for this project come from?

Funds for this project come from Curtis (founder) and people and businesses like you who care about the health of our outdoors. "Buying butts" above is a very crucial ingredient to a successful program.


  When are the collection dates?

Our goal is to have at least one collection date every other month and more later as we grow. The next collection event is set for [Pending] HERE (on the beach 12-3pm). Redemption/recycling of butts is based on a first come first served basis. Each event will clearly state how many pounds of cigarette butt litter will be bought during that collection event (we'll post it here on our site as well).


  Why recycle cigarette butts?

With 5.6 trillion cigarette butts littered annually throughout the globe (roughly 3.7 billion pounds), recycling of cigarette butts is really the next evolutionary step that needs to happen. We believe they can be repurposed just like any other waste. That's why we're stepping up to the plate to get things rolling in this direction. Cigarette butts/filters are made using cellulose acetate... that's plastic! Think about all the things we use every day that are made from plastic.


  How does your redemption/recycling program work?

Cigarette butts are presented to us in the condition we describe above. At each collection event, we will state how many pounds of discarded butts we will buy that day (we'll post that here on our website in advanced as well). We'll operate under a first come, first served basis. Once presented to us, the recycler receives redemption cash based on the weight presented to us. That's it. The butts are then stored for future repurposing which we'll announce in more detail later on.


  How much is the Butt Redemption Value (BRV)?

The initial BRV will start at USD $3.00 per pound and recyclers can choose which outdoor cause they'd like to donate this too (including RippleLife to support this program)... or receive cash.


  How else can I support this project?

Buying butts above (as often as you can afford) is the best way to help us fund and fight this issue. This project is also maintained by volunteers who have an immense passion for a clean and healthy outdoors (often a disgust for this type of litter). You can let us know you're interested in volunteering or even starting your own chapter by sending us a short email. Our other unique element is our Ripple concept. Creating a Ripple (it's free) and uniting your friends here makes a huge difference! Power is often in numbers!


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